How Does Allergy Blood Testing Work?

After an outdoor walk, do you find yourself with watery eyes and sniffles? When you wake up in the morning, is your nose stuffed up? Does a fun evening at your sister’s house playing with her dog turn you into a sneezy, itchy mess? Are you repeatedly breaking out in hives after eating a certain […]

Women’s Health: Your Thyroid Is More Important Than You Think

Ladies, have you found yourself extra tired lately? Are you losing your hair, or is it getting thinner and thinner? Are you suddenly having irregular menstrual periods? While all of these things might be occurring simultaneously, you might not realize there could be one common issue causing all this havoc—your thyroid levels!  What Is Your […]

Men’s Health: Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Testosterone?

Why Do You Need to Monitor Your Testosterone? Web

When you hear the word “testosterone,” what do you think of? Body builders with huge muscles, drinking countless protein shakes? Is that all testosterone impacts? Your muscles? No, that’s not even close to all!  What Testosterone Affect? Testosterone doesn’t just affect one area of your body. For men, this hormone is actually responsible for impacting […]