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Our state-of-the-art, fully automated facility guarantees ultra-fast results within 24 hours, providing a customized and personal service experience tailored to each healthcare professional’s unique needs.

Our Solutions

At All Labs Today, we provide our esteemed clients with solutions that streamline their processes, notably reducing the need for multiple blood draws from each patient. Our commitment to personalized service, provision of next-day results, and a comprehensive test menu empowers our clients to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional care to their patients.

Most Lab results have a 24-hour turnaround

State-of-the-art technology

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Clientele

General Public

Our customers recognize us
as the most conveniently located, affordable, and high-quality clinical laboratory in Manatee County. We offer appointments as well as walk-in services.


Collect, Process, and Dispatch
Minimize hours spent and alleviate concerns to maximize quality moments with your patients.

Other Entities

Our lab offers convenient mobile services, collaborating seamlessly with entities such as nursing homes, healthcare providers, and occupational clinics. Bringing our expertise to your location, we strive to maintain accessibility and provide top-notch laboratory services where you need them most.

Top-Rated Panels With 24-Hour Results

Most Popular Panels

Anemia Panel

Iron, TIBC, Ferritin, B12, Folate.

Basic Metabolic Panel

Glucose, BUN, Ceatine, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, CO2, Calcium.

CBC W/Auto Diff

Complete blood count with indices, platelets and auto differential.

Coagulation panel


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Glucose, BUN, Creatine, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, CO2, Calcium, T.P., Albumin, T. Bili, Alk,. Phos., AST, ALT.

Comprehensive Urine Drug Screen

By immunoassay includes Adulterants and Treatment Compliance.

Electrolyte Panel

Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, CO2.

Hepatic Function Panel

T.P., Albumin, T Bili, D. Bili, Alk. Phos., AST, ALT.

Lipid Panel

The Lipid Panel is a crucial blood test that assesses cholesterol levels and lipid profiles.

Thyroid Panel

The Thyroid Panel is a specialized blood test that assesses the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Renal Function Panel

Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, CO2, Calcium, Phosphorus, Albumin.

Other Individual Popular Tests

Urinalysis, Testosterone, PSA, Iron, Vitamin D.

Most Popular Tests

Cardiovascular Testing

Ensure heart health with our Cardio Test: Lipids, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and more for a complete cardiovascular assessment.

Immune System Testing

Assess your immunity with our tests: Epstein Barr, Celiac Disease markers and more for a thorough immune health evaluation.

Essential Immigration Testing

Get accurate tests for TB, STDs, and more with our Immigration Test, ensuring your health meets all travel requirements.

Certified Laboratory Excellence

We proudly hold CAP and CLIA accreditations, symbolizing our dedication to top-tier quality and accuracy in laboratory testing, ensuring trustworthy and precise diagnostics for our clients.

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Kimberly Zorrilla
Kimberly Zorrilla
The sweet Puerto Rican lady that took care of me was very kind and knowledgeable didn’t feel anything. The establishment was clean and welcoming
Karen Navarro
Karen Navarro
Excelente servicio muy amable la chica, el ambiente es limpio y agradable 100% recomendable 👌
Larry Schreider
Larry Schreider
Nice staff, I was in and out in good time. Wsh they took insureance. I'm told they are working on that.
Aileen Mirabito
Aileen Mirabito
My blood extraction was painless & professionally done. Their facility is immaculately clean & their prices are cheaper than the other labs. No problem with parking. Done in 15 mins. Will recommend to all.
Todd Stuart
Todd Stuart
I’m not sure it’s even possible to be as happy as I was leaving this lab! They were outstanding. Not only did they put a rush on the testing because of my procrastination, but the office and everything in it was perfectly clean, and the two girls working on this particular Saturday could not have been any more personable and professional. Very rare to brag about any experience at a doctors office, but All Labs Today was fantastic and I’ll likely tell anyone that gives me a chance or asks for a referral.
Will Bodie
Will Bodie
Very good experience.
Tina Carter
Tina Carter
Very friendly and very clean lab.
Austin Gowan
Austin Gowan
Great staff was in and out faster than I could have asked for!!!
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