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Our Specialties

Cardiovascular Testing

Ensure heart health with our Cardio Test: Lipids, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and more for a complete cardiovascular assessment.

Immune System Testing

Assess your immunity with our tests: Epstein Barr, Celiac Disease markers and more for a thorough immune health evaluation.

Essential Immigration Testing

Get accurate tests for TB, STDs, and more with our Immigration Test, ensuring your health meets all travel requirements.

Wellness Testing

Discover your hormonal balance and health status with our tailored wellness tests, for both men and women's specific needs.

Heavy Metals Testing

Detect toxic and nutritional metals with our urine tests, including Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, and more for optimal health monitoring.

Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

Identify food and environmental allergens with our tests, from Milk & Eggs to Pollens, for precise allergy management.

Peptide Testing

Explore our Peptide Testing for men and women, featuring thyroid, hormonal, and metabolic assessments for comprehensive health insights.

Semaglutide Testing

Optimize your health with our Semaglutide Testing: CBC, Lipids, Thyroid, and more for thorough metabolic and hormonal evaluation.

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