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Heavy Metals Testing

Detect toxic and nutritional metals with our urine tests, including Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, and more for optimal health monitoring.

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Comprehensive Heavy Metal Screening Services:

Our Heavy Metal Test Panel is a critical assessment for detecting the presence and levels of toxic metals in the body. It measures a spectrum of heavy metals, commonly including lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, copper, zinc, aluminum, and thallium, among others. These tests are essential not just for detecting overt toxicity, but also for ensuring that essential trace metals are present in safe, physiologically beneficial amounts.


Context of Heavy Metal Testing:
Exposure to heavy metals can come from numerous sources such as industrial employment, environmental contamination, household materials, or dietary intake. Some metals, in trace amounts, are vital for health, but in larger quantities can cause a range of harmful effects, from acute poisoning to chronic health conditions affecting the nervous system, kidneys, and other vital organs.


Why Test for Heavy Metals?

Exposure to heavy metals can occur through inhalation, ingestion, or contact with the skin. Industrial work, environmental factors, and certain lifestyles, such as smoking, can increase the risk of accumulation in the body. Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are varied and may mimic other conditions, making testing crucial for correct diagnosis and treatment.


Indications for Testing:
A heavy metal panel may be recommended if symptoms suggestive of metal poisoning are present, such as gastrointestinal distress, neurological disturbances, respiratory issues, or anemia. These symptoms often overlap with other medical conditions, making it imperative to identify or rule out heavy metal toxicity as a cause.


Our Testing Methodology:
Our laboratories use urine testing as the primary method for detecting heavy metals, which can be collected either in a clinical setting or at home with our comprehensive test kits. The process is designed for your convenience, with clear instructions to ensure an accurate sample is obtained.


Preparation for the Test:
To prepare for the test, individuals are advised to avoid certain foods, particularly seafood, which may artificially elevate levels of certain metals like mercury. Detailed guidance is provided with each test kit to help you prepare accurately for the most reliable results.


Testing Procedure

We utilize urine samples for our heavy metal testing, as this method is non-invasive and can be performed either at a medical facility or conveniently at home using our provided test kits. To ensure accuracy, patients are advised to avoid seafood consumption for 48 hours prior to the test.

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